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Rubber material identification


1 resistance to medium weight experiment

Can be sampled from the finished product, soaked in one or several mediaselected, certain temperature time after weighing, species according to weight change rate change in hardness to infer material.

For example, in the 100 degree oil soak 24 hours, NBR, fluorine rubber, ECO,CR quality and hardness change rate is very small, while the NR, EPDM, SBR increased more than double the weight and the hardness change greatly, the volume expansion is obvious.

2 combustion method

Take a few samples, sintered in the atmosphere. Observation of the phenomenon.

Generally fluorine rubber, CR, CSM from the fire from interest, even burningflame is better than general NR, EPDM is much smaller. Of course, if you look closely, the combustion state, color, smell will also provide us a lot ofinformation. For example, NBR/PVC with glue, splashing a fire crackling fire,there seems to be like water, the fire from the smoke concentration quenching,and sour. Note that sometimes adding flame retardant but not containing halogen glue will be away from the fire from the quenching, it must rely on other ways to further infer.

3 hot air aging experiment

Sampling from the finished product, put in the aging box in a day of aging, agingphenomenon. Can be graded aging gradually warming. For example, 150 degrees CR, NR, SBR are brittle, NBR EPDM and elastic. Up to 180 degrees of ordinary NBR will brittle; and 230 degrees HNBR will be brittle, fluorine rubberand silica gel still has good elasticity.

4 low temperature method

Sampling from the finished product, making an appropriate temperature environment with dry ice and alcohol. The samples were soaked in low temperature environment for 2-5 minutes, feel softness in the selected temperature. For example, -40 degrees, silicon and fluorine rubber contrast ashigh temperature resistant oil well, silica gel is more soft.

5 pycnometry

Analytical balance with electrons or, accurate to 0.01 grams, plus a cup of water,a hair.

Generally fluorine rubber accounts for the largest proportion, 1.8, CR ECO hasmore than 1.3 proportion is obviously big can consider is the glue.

The above method can simply test of rubber components, specific circumstances still needs to be sent to the testing agencies specialized test.