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Rubber accelerator using the experience


The benefits of using the accelerator:

1 curing time, curing temperature can drop, can increase production efficiency and reduce production cost.

2 for the sulphur content reduction, curing temperature decrease and partialpromoter possesses antioxidant function, so it can increase the service life of rubber products.

3 can improve products in particular, the physical and mechanical properties ofthick product, has a smooth effect in thick products production, make the product to achieve positive sulfuration, physical and mechanical properties ofproduct surface not to drop.

The appearance quality of 4 improved products, due to a reduction in the amount of sulfur sulfur spray, not.

The factory only contact the four categories: thiuram, plug contusion, guanidine,sulfinyl wash amine

General for natural rubber, synthetic rubber, the most common

Ultra accelerator: thiuram, semi ultra accelerator: plug contusion, secondaryaccelerator has: guanidine, sulfinyl amine is the accelerator effect of washing.

Acid-base performance enhancers and H2S reaction can be divided into:

Acid accelerator: thiuram, plug contusion, alkaline accelerator: guanidine,neutral promoter: sulfinyl amine content of washed from rubber plantations

Polyester acid not alkali resistant, nylon alkaline not acid. Make cord formulashould be pay attention to this point.

A thiuram

This is a kind of very important promoter, including a thio thiuram, two byTyuram, polysulfide thiuram

Two - thiuram off one sulfur atom has a thio thiuram.

Two - Tyuram, polysulfide thiuram release active sulfur in standard curingtemperature, can be used as a curing agent. The glue material without sulfurvulcanization, can also be called: no free sulphur vulcanization, usually callednon sulfur vulcanization. The inhibitory effect of M on the accelerator.

The 1 TT accelerator (TMTD) - two four methyl thiuram vulcanization, white or grey white powder or particles, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, latex ultra accelerator, heated to 100 slow decomposition travel from sulfur, available sulfur content of 13.3%, pay attention to the early sulfide, sulfur vulcanization of natural rubber with high flat narrow, to reduce the sulphur content of sulfide flatwide, is the plug contusion type accelerator excellent second accelerator. There are free of sulfur, sulfide can be alone.

The 2 TS accelerator (TMTM) - four methyl thiuram vulcanization, yellow or light yellow powder, no pollution effect of promoter, was lower than that of TT 10%,no sulfur, not individual vulcanization. This paper from the rubber information network

Two plug contusion class

Is a super accelerator,. General and thiuram and. To increase the reducedsulfur accelerant dosage can improve vulcanizate heat resistance, although nothiuram improved significantly, but the actual use effect.

Mainly include: M, DM

DM: there was a significant aftereffect. No early curing of the good, usuallythiuram combination, enhance the activity, the goods need to cooperate withstearic acid, zinc oxide.

Three methyl amine washing

Speaking from the structure, should also be the accelerator plug contusionclass, has the unique effect, has been developing rapidly in recent years,extensive use of a synthetic rubber, special requirements of aftereffect goodpromoter, on the other hand, increased the new furnace black tire industry in the amount of sake, unlike the slot method carbon black was acidic, furnace black is basic (alkaline) reaction, because of alkaline accelerate vulcanization, easyspeed growth device early curing, the aftereffect of accelerator.

Main: NS, CZ, DZ

DZ: the best adhesion with copper wire.

Four guanidine

The promoter activity is relatively low, promote more slowly, the compound hadgood safety, process safety.

Two: DPG diphenyl guanidine

A white crystalline powder, natural rubber and synthetic rubber medium accelerator, curing the differential flatness, this product is often used as athiuram, plug contusion second accelerators, sulfinyl amine washing.