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Rubber factory


My studio opened rubber factory in 2010 in Hebei, the present day mixing capacity of 20t (YISHION plastic gauge). I am rubber factory has professional material, mix fast check room laboratory, rubber chemical laboratory, can design a physicochemical indicators needed for you to mix. But analysis of rubber product samples, according to the material and design the same product mix.


We aim to "high quality and low price, pro mix, the special properties of the mixed rubber mixing rubber, aircraft carrier".


The mix design: natural rubber, isoprene rubber, polybutadiene rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, neoprene rubber, Ding Ji, Ding Jing, Ding Jing, hydrogenated oil resistant rubber rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, silica gel three yuan mixing, fluorine rubber mixing, epichlorohydrin rubber, acrylic rubber, perfluoroelastomers such pure rubber or synthetic mixture rubber.


Low quality reclaimed rubber tire recycling, scrap rubber: regeneration, regeneration, regeneration, Ding Ji Ding Jing of ethylene propylene latex regeneration, regeneration, chlorine, fluorine rubber regeneration Ding Zaisheng.


Relying on the technical team in our studio professional as you design a suitable for their own products and cost-effective optimal mix!!


We guarantee to customers: raw materials for domestic brand materials, into the factory inspection;


Mix according to indicators of customer, qualified factory;


Late to provide tracking or free inspection product properties!


Do the most cost-effective mix, customers most satisfied with the rest assured that the compound!!!