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Provide technical support, product design, materials of our company, can do radial tire, bias tire.


At the same time also developed: tire development, bicycle tires, motorcycle tyres, tires, solid tyre.


The characteristics of general tire cord fabric layer and buffer layer of each adjacent layer cord cross arrangement, each layer of cord and tire crown center line into the 350~400 angle, so called bias tire. Between plies and tread as buffer layer.


Cord radial tire with tread center line was 90 ° or close to 90 ° angles, cord distribution such as the earth's meridian, so called radial tire. Between plies and tread for belt. With each layer of cord and fetal beam layer face center line angle of 10 ° -20 °.

从设计上讲,斜交线轮胎有很多局限性,如由于交*的帘线强烈摩擦,使胎体易生热,因此加速了胎纹的磨损,且其帘线布局也不能很好地提供优良的操控性和舒适性;而子午线轮胎中的钢丝带则具有较好的柔韧性以适应路面的不规则冲击,又经久耐用,它的帘布结构还意味着在汽车行驶中有比斜交线小得多的摩擦,从而获得了较长的胎纹使用寿命和较好的燃油经济性。同时子午线轮胎本身具有的特点使轮胎无内胎成为可能。无内胎轮胎有一个公认优点,即当轮胎被扎破后,不像有内胎的斜交线轮胎那样爆裂(这是非常危险的),而是使轮胎能在一段时间内保持气压,提高了汽车的行驶安全性。另外,和斜交线轮胎比,子午线轮胎还有更好的抓地性。 正因为子午线轮胎与斜交线轮胎相比具有以上优点,所以,现在轿车普遍使用子午线胎。

From a design perspective, bias tyre has many limitations, such as cord cross strong friction, so that the matrix is easy to heat, thus accelerating the tread pattern wear, and the curtain line layout is not good enough to provide excellent handling and comfort; and irregular steel ribbon radial tire it has good flexibility to adapt to the impact of the road, but also durable fabric structure, it also means that there is friction than the oblique line much smaller in the car, which was longer tread life and better fuel economy. While radial tire itself with the characteristics of the tubeless tire possible. Tubeless tire has a recognized advantages, namely when the tyre is pricked, not to have the tire tube bias tyre burst (as this is very dangerous), but to make the tire can maintain pressure over a period of time, improve the safety of driving a car. In addition, and bias tyre, tire has a better grip. Because of the radial tire and bias tyre has more advantages, so, now commonly used car radial tire.